Walker C-22 Solvent 118ml
Model:C-22 Solvent 118ml (4 ounces)
Hair Product Type:Glue Remover
Place of Origin:USA
Product Information
Bottle Size :
Fast Acting , Gentle on skin
Skin Type:Normal
Use Type:
Lace, Poly Perimeter/Skin , and monofilament base
1.Spray on adhesive area2. Reaction time in as liile as ` minute depending on adhesive build-up3.Wipe or brush off resifue Shapoo and rinse4. Do not swim, workout, or shampoo for at least 24 hours
Caution :Do not use or store near open flameExternal use onlyDo not apply to irritated skinAvoid eye contactKeep out of reach of childrenTest on small area before useDo not leave on polyurethane bases more than 2-3 minutes

Walker C-22 Solvent 118ml